The Ford Expedition Is Capable and Reliable

Rated as the top SUV in its class by many leading review sites, the Ford Expedition is hands down the best large SUV to own. Capable, reliable and packed full of features, the Ford Expedition delivers all the power and towing capabilities you need. Completely redesigned, this highly rated SUV has been chosen as the best SUV for families by U.S.News.

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Get a Quality Vehicle with the Certified Pre-Owned Program

Many people seem to think that the only way to get a decent car is to buy new. With the creation of the Ford Certified Pre-Owned program, this has never been more wrong. There are an abundance of high quality vehicles in the program, making it easier than ever to get an excellent vehicle without having to go out and buy a brand new one.

Before any car can quality to be added to the Ford Certified Pre-Owned program, it must pass an exhaustive 172-point inspection...

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Dominate Extreme Terrain in the 2018 Ford F-150

Take a drive over the unbeaten path in the 2018 Ford F-150. This popular full-sized pickup truck is fully-capable of getting through tough terrain. It's available with many optional features that can keep you safe and stable no matter where you go.

One trim level of the F-150 is specifically-designed for off-road adventures. The Raptor build includes a tuned suspension and robust tires. It uses FOX Racing SHOX. 

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The Fantastic Capability Features of the Ford Edge

SUVs are an extremely popular choice for vehicle consumers today. They love the fact that they can get to their destination and still have plenty of room for their family and extra stuff. One of the capability features you will find would be the options available on the Ford Edge. Just consider some of these:

First of all, the Ford Edge offers Intelligent All Wheel Drive (AWD) to help the monitor the road and allow for all types of conditions, including inclement weather.

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Ford EcoSport Capability Features

Have you seen the new subcompact SUV from Ford? The EcoSport has a fresh design and all new features that make it one of the top in its class. You can get a lot of this vehicle including fuel economy. It's one of the best in class for reliability, safety, and interior comfort. The base engine comes with a turbocharged 3-cylinder, but you can also upgrade to a 4-cylinder if you want to get more acceleration and power.

The EcoSport is a tough subcompact SUV as well. 

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Turn Heads in the 2018 Ford Focus

The 2018 Ford Focus is a popular compact car that doesn't sacrifice on style. Its sleek and sporty exterior design is versatile, allowing you to get a car that fits your personal style and needs. What's better is that the Ford Focus is available as a hatchback or sedan

Whether you go with a sporty sedan, a spacious hatchback, or an eco-friendly electric model, the Ford Focus is a great vehicle for any driver in Alexandria. 

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New Ford Taurus Features Surprise Drivers

Many drivers were surprised by the features Ford announced for the newly redesigned Taurus sedan. People once perceived the Taurus as more of an economy car than anything, which is still reflected in the relatively good fuel mileage that the vehicle has to offer. The new design features are where it really shines, however, and these have been the subject of an awful lot of press lately.

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Important Tips Regarding Battery Care

Our car battery tends to be overlooked or forgotten until it longer works. When suddenly the car won’t start, we realize we may have a dead battery. Don’t wait until you reach this point, but reach out to us at Jerry’s Alexandria Ford instead. We can inspect your battery and advise you accordingly.

Although batteries generally last for several years, we’re seldom ready when the battery actually dies. 

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There's Plenty of Features to Enjoy In The 2018 Ford C-Max

Compact, hybrid vehicles offer drivers very economical and useful advantages to their driving experience. In the past, compact hybrids sacrificed performance, but that is no longer the case. Compact hybrid vehicles, such as the 2018 Ford C-Max, now offer performance features, as well as efficiency.

The Ford C-Max has a regenerative braking system which channels energy created through the braking process and cruising back to the battery for future use. 

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Know if Your Fuel Pump is Failing You

Knowing about various components of your vehicle and how you can tell if they are in need of care or not is important if you want to stay safe in your vehicle. You should know how to determine if your fuel pump is experiencing issues and about to fail you.

If the temperature of your vehicle is rising more than normal, that could be a sign of an issue of some kind, including a fuel pump issue. 

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