Maintain Control of Your Ford Escape with These Features

When you're on the road, especially in unfavorable conditions, you want every type of feature to help your wheels grip the pavement more securely. At Jerry’s Ford Alexandria in Alexandria, VA, we want you to have all of the information available about a popular compact SUV, the Ford Escape. This vehicle was built to perform on slippery roads, and there are several features that will help you have great driving experiences.

Torque Vectoring control helps you stay on the road by reducing the likelihood of understeer. It does this by transferring traction to the inside tires so that the vehicle stays close to the inside of the road.

The Intelligent 4WD System also helps your tires grip the road when you most need it. Through this system, the vehicle monitors traction every 16 milliseconds so that the car always knows how to help you maintain control of the vehicle by transferring torque from the front wheels to the back wheels and vice versa.

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