Ford F-150 Raptor: Easy Towing and Off-Road Driving

Car buyers looking for a durable pickup truck in Alexandria, VA should visit Jerry’s Alexandria Ford to test drive the Ford F-150 Raptor. Driven by a turbocharged powertrain that's governed by the EcoBoost design, this light-duty vehicle easily handles urban traffic and off-road challenges. From towing trailers to crawling the hills, the vehicle is ready for a wide range of big jobs.

A long-travel suspension system is standard in the F-150 Raptor model. Lower and upper control arms stabilize the chassis under tough off-road circumstances. Additionally, tie rods prevent undesirable movement in the suspension system. This Ford pickup truck has a 4x4 drive system that rolls at two different speeds. The Neutral Towing Mode eases some of the mechanical stress that's carried by the turbo engine. This unique mode also synchronizes the rear wheels with a trailer's wheels. The factory-installed Trailer Brake Controller creates extra leverage for towing on flat and inclined roads.

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