Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Features

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is leaving less of a carbon footprint by simply being an energy-efficient daily driver. Want to see how much energy you save and expend while on a drive? Switch on the engage and empower modes on the smart gauge to track your lithium-ion battery power, gasoline expenditure, and acceleration expectations.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is an eco-friendly blend of power and performance with plenty of exterior features. For example, the capless fuel filler helps you keep your hands clean when gassing up. Simply put the nozzle into the fuel gauge, pump, and take the nozzle out to let the gauge automatically shut. Another perk is the automatic on/off system for your high beams in varying road and weather conditions.

We at Jerry’s Alexandria Ford believe in the go-green initiatives and eco-consciousness spreading through Alexandria, VA and other cities. So, if you want to switch up to a Ford Fusion Hybrid, we are happy to help you make an informed decision with a test drive.

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