Ford Taurus - When Performance is What Matters Most!

While every driver looks for something different when buying a new car, most drivers admit they want good performance. The new Ford Taurus, a popular full-size sedan, is top of the line when it comes to performance. As is the case with Ford vehicles, the Taurus offers not just performance but many performance features. At Jerry’s Alexandria Ford, we would love to assist you in owning one of these beauties.

The Ford Taurus’s performance starts with the engine, which is offered as a straight 3.6L V6 or a 3.6L EcoBoost® V6, both of which offer superb performance from the get-go while still giving you the maximum fuel economy. With All-Wheel Drive, you get the right amount of traction when it’s needed most.

We would love to put you behind the wheel for a test drive. Come to Alexandria, VA and see the new Ford Taurus and check out its spectacular performance.

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