Dominate Extreme Terrain in the 2018 Ford F-150

Take a drive over the unbeaten path in the 2018 Ford F-150. This popular full-sized pickup truck is fully-capable of getting through tough terrain. It's available with many optional features that can keep you safe and stable no matter where you go.

One trim level of the F-150 is specifically-designed for off-road adventures. The Raptor build includes a tuned suspension and robust tires. It uses FOX Racing SHOX. This suspension provides you with up to 13 inches of travel on the front wheels and 14 inches of travel on the rear. It also has improved handling thanks to Torque-On-Demand. Sensors monitor the way you move and the terrain below. If you need some extra traction and support, torque between the front and rear wheels is automatically adjusted.

Take a look at all the Ford F-150 has to offer by visiting us at Jerry’s Alexandria Ford in Alexandria, VA. We invite you to take a test drive today.

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