Learn about Synthetic Oil Now!

Today's drivers understand that there are varieties of motor oil, but you may feel unclear about synthetic oil and whether your car requires it. Our service team happily educates customers, and we are happy to explain synthetic oil to Alexandria drivers right now.

Synthetic oil sits at the opposite end of the motor oil spectrum from conventional oil. While manufacturers make the latter from natural oil blended with additives, they create synthetic oil in laboratories with more-precise specifications than conventional oil. As a result, synthetic oil offers significantly better protection than its conventional counterpart. Your car may require synthetic oil's premium protection to run optimally, so refer to your manual. Also, if you operate your vehicle under any type of extreme stress, its engine will last longer with synthetic oil.

If you want personal assistance deciding which oil to use, we invite you to contact our service department at Jerry’s Ford Alexandria. We can also schedule a convenient oil change for you.

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