Belts & Hoses

Many do not know that a series of belts and pulleys run the automobile. Sure, the engine orchestrates the power needed to cause the car to move forward. It is the timing and accessory belts, however, that ensure that energy from the engine makes it to all facets of the vehicle.

Among the many things that belts and hoses affect is the water pump. This device, which serves to cool down the engine so it will not overheat, cannot operate properly without tubes that move the water from the pump to the engine. Power steering also does not work well without the right hoses. As far as belts are concerned, the timing belt is probably one of the essential components of the vehicle. You can end up paying thousands in damage without this accessory that provides the synchronization needed to keep the engine valves and pistons on track.

Only a professional can truly keep you on track with replacing belts and hoses in the Alexandria area. It is highly recommended that you visit our service center here at Jerry’s Ford Alexandria for all of your service needs to prevent more costly repairs.

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