The Ford Flex: an SUV for the Entire Family

If you have a teen driver in your family, it's important to provide them with a vehicle that's safe. The new Ford Flex is a popular three-row mid-sized SUV that's great for families in Alexandria. Not only does it have ample room inside the cabin, but it's available at Jerry’s Ford Alexandria with the innovative MyKey system.

MyKey is designed to restrict the SUV and teach your young driver good habits. One key FOB can be programmed with these restrictions while the other will act as the administrative key. There are no codes to type in or settings that your teen driver can change once they get behind the wheel. The restrictions are programmed directly into their key.

You can set a maximum speed to keep drivers safe. There's also an option to produce audible chimes each time your young driver approaches certain speed thresholds. To develop good driving habits, you can limit the volume of the audio system, implement seat belt reminders, and create alerts when the SUV is 75 miles to an empty tank.

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