Engine Overheating

A vehicle's engine is designed to function but stay cool at the same time so that nothing overheats or malfunctions. Just like with any other part of your vehicle, things can go wrong and your vehicle could have an issue that causes it to overheat. When this happens you'll notice your temperature gauge climbing, smoke coming from under the hood of your car and perhaps a foul odor as well.

There are a few commonly found reasons that an engine will overheat. One issue can be simply that the coolant levels in your engine are lower than recommended and without this fluid, your vehicle can't maintain a safe temperature. There could be another problem with your cooling system whether it be a broken pipe or leaky gasket. When the coolant leaks out, the engine will overheat.

If you suspect there is an issue with your cooling system and your engine is overheating, give our service center here at Jerry’s Alexandria Ford a call today.

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